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clenapure products

Speaker Spotlight Edwina Wright – CEO Clenapure

Fifteen years ago, Edwina started making soaps simply for family and friends.   After doing her research, she discovered there is a stark difference between a “fragrance oil” (mixture of chemicals) vs. an “essential oil” (the life blood of a plant) and decided to only use healthy, plant-based, vegan ingredients to make her products….especially since they were for her and her family.

She discovered the human skin is not only our largest organ, but that it’s HIGHLY absorbent! This means that whatever you apply to your skin is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream!  Not wanting to create a more toxic environment within the body, she experimented with bath salts, body scrubs and body oils. Her line of Clenapure Botanical Body Products was born and has expanded into a full line of eco-friendly and non-toxic skincare!

Learn what it takes to create a product and bring it to market.





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